"Forgetting Familiar Language" Art Show
Alexey Kanis (sculpture)
Gleb Gavrilenkov (painting)

April 19 – May 8
Arts Square Gallery, St. Petersburg
"Forgetting Familiar Language" art show opens up on April 19 at Arts Square Gallery featuring sculptor Alexey Kanis and painter Gleb Gavrilenkov. The project is curated by Ekaterina Malakhova, founder Mobius online gallery.
The intellectual space we live in follows the European narrative tradition. Its basic elements are books, stories, tales and quotations. Those are what makes us look for some interconnections between facts, grasp key details from the information flow to build up semantic puzzles. Within the existing cultural system, it appears extremely hard to discard this narrative paradigm. We always seek for associations, origin of facts, signs and its meanings whether they are in a text, an oil painting, an internet meme or a hearty chat. Someone's attempt to disown it means the voluntary renunciation of all previous history. Is it ever possible in our circumstances?
Alexey Kanis.
Phobos and Deimos
The artworks of Alexey Kanis and Gleb Gavrilenkov that are represented at the show balance between being understood through conventional cultural codes and representing total abstraction. A viewer has a chance to find himself at the point of bifurcation. The one way is to stay at the beaten track and look at the sculptures from the prospective of ancient Greek prototypes. Paintings can be perceived as number of symbols that recall Arabic script or graffiti. One way or another, playing the game we remain inside the narrative tradition.
Gleb Gavrilenkov.
Object and subject
Taking another path means to become a foreigner and forget the familiar language. It can be rather hard to do, but worth trying. The liberation is followed by the entrance into some meditative space that is situated on the other side of the rationalised reality. The only way to reach this abstract non-figurative and visionary universes is to overcome the thirst to recognize symbols.

Pieces at the show convey classical images and subjects and, at the same time, appear as portals into the abstract voids of the reality.

Алексей Канис
Скульптор, живущий и работающий в Санкт-Петербурге. Выпускник Художественно-промышленной академии им. А.Л. Штиглица, Член Союза художников России. С 2007 года постоянный участник международных выставок и скульптурных симпозиумов. Автор 12 монументальных скульптур, установленных в России, Китае, Иране, Италии, Португалии, Румынии, Финляндии, Дании и на Кипре.
Глеб Гавриленков
Петербургский художник, участник многочисленных выставок, в том числе в Русском музее и в музее современного искусства «Эрарта» в рамках параллельной программы биеннале Манифеста 10. Был представлен на ярмарке Art Basel Miami и на аукционе Vladey. Работы находятся в частных коллекциях в России, США, Франции, Италии, Финляндии, Испании, Швейцарии, Китае, Японии, Грузии, Австралии.

"Forgetting Familiar Language" Art Show
Alexey Kanis (sculpture), Gleb Gavrilenkov (painting)
April 19 to May 8, 2018
Open daily 12.00 - 20.00

Arts Square Gallery
St. Petersburg, ltalyanskaya str., 5
Admission free

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